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Aizawa Shouta Render by ChristieDA Aizawa Shouta Render :iconchristieda:ChristieDA 115 2
||My Immortality|| Boku No Hero Academia x Male R
Chapter 1: Birth
Quirks came into the world out of nowhere and people looked at it as the next step of evolution. People have gained powers like no one has ever seen before. From the ability to see into someone's mind to shaking the earth under their feet, but they can all die. No matter how strong the quirk they have is it does not make them a god. Although the strong dominate the world and the weak subside to the bottom of the food chain. There is one who seems to be present in a void of no weak nor strong, but instead the role of survival.
His name is (M/n) (L/n) and he is, by definition, an immortal from the day he gained his quirk. The quirk known as absolute cell regeneration has the ability to bring back its user no matter what. Hitting the peak at the age of 16 his body freed itself from the hands of time staying how it looked. The boy has died many times but has never stayed that way. Sadly, with immortality brings curiosity from mortality.
People don’t see their own evi
:iconninjaknife2-0:Ninjaknife2-0 42 11
Library Breaks [Shinsou Hitoshi x Male!Reader III
Shinsou winced at his face in his mirror the next morning. He had a black eye. How lovely. He even woke up about two hours before class started again. He trekked to his bathroom, looking around for the foundation he owned to cover it up, his emergency cover up for when he was beaten like this. He tried applying makeup to it but wow, did it really fucking hurt to touch. He gave up essentially, and went through his normal routine of showering, brushing teeth, trying to fix his bed head and failing miserably, then dressing and leaving the dorm. He walked to his floor's lobby, wanting to have some coffee, but on-campus coffee was shitty, watery, and made you more tired than you were before you drank it. He steered clear of the demon and went down the stairs, pulling his hand away quickly and jumping back when he heard a ‘watch out!’, as someone zoomed down the handrailing on their ass. He shook his head, it was too fucking early for all this.
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 12 18
- - - swift cut - - - by ShadowofWolf200
Mature content
- - - swift cut - - - :iconshadowofwolf200:ShadowofWolf200 58 11
Library Breaks [Shinso Hitoshi x Male!Reader] I
Shinso Hitoshi has been noticing someone around lately. They were in class 1-A, like Midoriya. They hung out with three different crowds of people it seemed, including the explosive blond that won the Sport Festival’s tournament. They didn’t seem close though, they were much closer to the red haired one with the same quirk as Tetsutetsu… He didn’t know the crimson haired name. The male was in the library as we speak, sitting two tables away from Shinso, hanging out with the explosive one and the hardening quirk boy currently, though he was utterly bored with their company. He looked around the room, and met eyes with Shinso, who immediately looked back down at his book. The male must’ve taken the look he received that his friends were too loud, and told them to ‘shut the fuck up’ in a quiet tone. That infuriated the blond, but the male who hit him wasn’t backing down, and told him to either leave or be quiet, so he left. The red haired on
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 21 36
Library Breaks [Shinso Hitoshi x Male!Reader] II
Shinsou wasn’t ready for the day, he knew this already.
It was the next day, The indigo haired male begrudgingly got out of bed. He was tired, and somewhat cranky. Four hours of sleep isn’t safe for a teenager, or really anyone at that. He went through his normal morning routine, wincing at the floor above him, as a loud bang and scream could be heard. . He woke up two hours before class even started, but continued getting ready anyway. He walked to where the stairs were, just before going down a flight, he’s met with (Name), in the same hoodie as yesterday, and dark grey joggers, with his Vans from yesterday as well. He was rubbing his eyes, covering a yawn with the back of his hand, his bag hanging loosely off his shoulder. He made eye contact with Shinsou, and pathetically waved, before almost falling down the stairs.
“Why are you up so early?” He asked, continuing down the stairs, Shinsou falling behind.
“Woke up hearing a loud noise above me.
:iconulysseswrites:UlyssesWrites 14 16
See you again someday by ShadowofWolf200 See you again someday :iconshadowofwolf200:ShadowofWolf200 255 82 Donut Hole by ShadowofWolf200 Donut Hole :iconshadowofwolf200:ShadowofWolf200 206 65 Poker by Kyovan Poker :iconkyovan:Kyovan 484 44 Well, hello there~ by ECADDLZI Well, hello there~ :iconecaddlzi:ECADDLZI 187 13 Doodles  by TheCatchKey Doodles :iconthecatchkey:TheCatchKey 5 7 ~Rock Osomatsu~ by NeykStar ~Rock Osomatsu~ :iconneykstar:NeykStar 204 8 Skittlez Anarchy by iLiekSkittlez Skittlez Anarchy :iconiliekskittlez:iLiekSkittlez 217 39 Painful by Kyovan Painful :iconkyovan:Kyovan 605 26 021220161 by Dikoto 021220161 :icondikoto:Dikoto 90 1



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